Just sitting workshop

A doorway to insight

Formlessness - abstract art

Just sitting means exactly that: the practice is to sit with no particular object of attention (such as the breath) and without cultivating anything. However you don’t sit passively like a sack of potatoes. There is a method.

The method is to maintain attention in the present moment as constantly as possible, fully facing every aspect of experience as it arises, and opening to it.

This workshop is an opportunity to learn the method of just sitting, and to try out the practice, sometimes known as formless or open awareness practice.

Just sitting works well as a preparation for other meditation practices, but it's also a practice in its own right. Sooner or later, it becomes a doorway to insight.

As the mind settles into the mood of this practice it becomes possible to observe in a very direct way the impermanence of each perception and each momentary transformation of "you", the perceiver. Seeing the impermanence of both starts dissolving the distinction conventionally made between the subject and the object of experience.

This workshop is open to those who have learned the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana meditations, as taught at the centre.


22 May 2021  11:00am-1:00pm


If money is a barrier to attendance, we ask that you simply contribute what you can.


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