Supporting your Buddhist journey

Mandala on a turquoise background - a mandala of resources for practice

Recorded talks

You can browse and listen to a selection of audio talks on Buddhism and Buddhist practice here.

These talks were given at our Dharma and Sangha nights over the years by practitioners of all levels of experience ranging from a few years to 50 years, mostly Auckland locals.

We would also recommend Free Buddhist Audio for talks and guided meditations from practitioners within our Buddhist tradition from around the world.

You can browse and watch a selection of conversations on Buddhism and practice on our YouTube channel here.

Dharma library

Browse the centre's library collection here.

We have a lending library of Dharma books and a reference library. Members can put a hold on books or check books out online through the free Libib Kiosk app. Our librarians, Sthiraratna and Buddhanusarin, will need to configure this for you at first.

Membership is open to mitras and Order members, or by request - contact the centre team to ask. As a general principle, membership is open to people regularly attending the centre who we're in good contact with.

Resident scholar

Buddhanusarin is our resident Dharma scholar. You can contact him for help referencing items (those hard-to-find suttas, for example), or if you're interested in a particular aspect of Buddhism and want some guidance on reading further. Contact Buddhanusarin through the centre.

Meditation resources

You'll find some guided audio tracks, stage-by-stage breakdowns of our two foundation meditation practices and some other useful meditation resources here.

Safeguarding officers

Vasudhara and Vajrajyoti are our safeguarding officers at the ABC. Find out how to get in touch with them over on our policies page.

Ethical guidelines and policies

We have strategies in place for caring for all those attending and teaching at the centre, including child and vulnerable adult protection policies. You can find these over on our policies page.

Online classes

If getting to the centre isn't realistic for you, The Buddhist Centre Online has some wonderful online retreats and classes, is part of our Buddhist community, and shares our system of practice.

Other locations

You can find Triratna city centres and retreat centres elsewhere in the world here.