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What is Buddhism?

Very simply, Buddhism is a practice which leads to the end of suffering. Framed more positively, it leads to boundless freedom, lucidity, deep contentment and joy, spontaneous creativity, and limitless energy.

You can learn more about the Buddha and what he taught here.

How to get started

We suggest you start with our introductory class listed as "Intro to meditation and Buddhism" on our regular events page. This runs on a Monday night and you can join any week. It will give you a solid foundation in the basics of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.

Then you can:

Our beginners' programme starts with a rolling 11-week intro to meditation and Buddhism class (listed on a our regular events page) on the basics of Buddhism and meditation. You can join at any time during the programme.

This should give you a grasp of the fundamentals of Buddhism as we practice it in our tradition. You have the opportunity to learn and try out these practices in the light of your own experience, in an atmosphere of friendly, encouraging, and open communication. The programme assumes no prior knowledge, but will be helpful to those transitioning to us from other Buddhist traditions (each school has its own system of practice and framework, although the underlying Buddhist principles remain the same).

Teaching is provided by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order and community who are themselves experienced in the study and practice of Buddhism and meditation.