Our centre exists today thanks to a collection of individuals committed to sharing the Dharma. Here is a small selection of those individuals:

Portrait of Suvarnadhi


Suvarnadhi became the new chairperson of the Auckland Buddhist Centre in May 2021.

She has been part of the team working at the centre since February 2019 and has been practicing within the Triratna Buddhist Community since 2008. A long-time interest in meditation and spirituality led her through the doors of the Auckland centre and she was ordained in September 2019. Suvarnadhi is inspired by truth, beauty and freedom.

She is also a qualified Breathworks mindfulness teacher, specialising in mindfulness based pain management programmes. A history of chronic pain led to her interest in this work.

Alongside Olivia, Suvarnadhi has been co-leading an under 35s night at the centre since January 2017.

Portrait of Karunajoti


Karunajoti has been involved with the Auckland Buddhist Centre since 1999 when she first came along to learn to meditate. This led to a desire to learn more about the dharma through attending Buddhism classes, numerous retreats and joining study groups.

She became a mitra in 2002 and was ordained in Golden Bay, New Zealand in 2016. She has been involved in the management and governance of the ABC since 2010 and is also part of the teaching team. In 2019 she spent nine months as part of the support community at Akashavana, a Triratna women's retreat centre in the mountains of Spain, and freshly inspired by her experiences both there and in the UK, returned to the ABC in early 2020.

Portrait of Ratnavyuha


I've been actively involved with the Triratna Buddhist community since 1992. As with many other people, my personal journey has it's sign posts of significant people, significant books, turning points, deeper realizations, and extra-ordinary but none-the-less ordinary experiences. And this whole rabbit hole of a journey began where I was then standing when I first started to wake up to myself and the world around me more fully ... and has since led me into widening Triratna sanghas at Aryaloka Retreat Centre in New Hampshire USA, Cambridge England where I was ordained in 1999, Sydney Australia, and most recently Auckland New Zealand.

These days I contribute as best I can by leading courses, classes and retreats at the Auckland Buddhist Centre, collaborating with others to develop retreat facilities in New Zealand, and being part of a local and international team responsible for the men's ordination training process. These are some of the formal ways.

I live with my partner in Grey Lynn, drive a silver blue 2006 Toyota Corolla (not flash but it keeps turning on without costing lots of money), and I still follow American football.

Portrait of Amaradipa


Amaradīpā has been coming along to the Auckland Buddhist Centre for many years, and was particularly involved in the creating, organising and leading of our popular annual Family Retreat. She was ordained in June 2016 in the mountains of Spain, and delights in the opportunity to support others' journey of self discovery through the meeting of the Three Jewels. Amaradīpā is a mother and works as a psychotherapist. In her professional work as well as her spiritual practice, she embraces her love of the arts (photography, poetry, and dance) with her deep trust and openness to the mysterious unfolding of the Mythic Realm.

Portrait of Akasasri


For much of her life the outdoors and living with nature, especially New Zealand’s beautiful mountains, forests, rivers and coasts, has been where Akasasri has found her spiritual resonance and learnt how to navigate through the ups and downs of her life. This was until 2009 when she attended an ‘Introduction to Meditation’ course at the ABC and life has not been the same since. Now with the life of raising a family behind her, the Dharma is her life, sprinkled with lots of doses of nature, especially out on the Auckland West Coast where she and her partner are living post family.

Akasasri was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in June 2017 at Akshavana in Spain, and helps with various activities at the Centre, including leading meditation, giving talks, co-leading or supporting courses and retreats.

Portrait of Bhadrakari


Born in 1946 she left home at 21 on a quest to find a deeper meaning to life. After much travelling and living and practicing with many different spiritual disciplines she came upon the Triratna Community in 1998 after one of her sons died in a car accident.

She has four living children and a few grandchildren. She was ordained in Spain in 2011, is very committed to the path of purification and has a passion for inspiring people to practise. She is involved in a variety of activities at the centre including the Tuesday morning Dharma discussion group and teaching daytime meditation classes.

Portrait of Vasudhara


Vasudhara has been involved with the Triratna Buddhist community since 1999 and was ordained in 2014. She leads some of our Friday night pujas and is currently on the team leading Saturday morning meditations.

Portrait of Dhiramuni


Dhiramuni became involved with the Auckland Buddhist Centre several decades ago to learn Buddhist meditation. He quickly realised that in the Dharma he had found his spiritual home. Daily meditation remains a strong feature of Dhiramuni's Buddhist practice and a central part of his life. He values it as an invaluable vehicle leading to a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s teaching. Over the years he has attended many classes, study groups and retreats and now leads meditation and helps teach meditation classes.

Dhiramuni became a Mitra many years ago. He was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Community at a retreat in the Coromandel in December 2017.

Portrait of Sujiva


Sujiva, originally from India, first got inspired by Buddhism when he attended a beginner’s meditation course at the Wellington Buddhist Centre in 1993. His experience of learning to meditate soon deepened into an interest in exploring the 'nature of the mind' through Buddhist teachings & practice.

He was ordained in 2002 and has in 2011 returned to live in NZ after 10 years in the UK. During his time in the UK, he has taught meditation & Buddhism at the London & Cambridge Buddhist Centres, attended many intensive retreats and worked for a multinational Buddhist company.

He is a keen tramper, dancer, windsurfer & also works as an IT Consultant.

Portrait of Vajrajyoti


Vajrajyoti has been actively involved in the Auckland Buddhist Centre since 2000 when she moved to Auckland from a women's retreat centre in Wales. Vajrajyoti is committed to helping create a vibrant, lively spiritual community in which we together deepen our wisdom and compassion. She's involved in facilitating study groups, leading retreats and generally helping people connect with each other and with the dharma.