Shakyamuni Buddha

The Four Mind Turning Reflections

Five Dharma night talks by Triratna Order members on what might be called 'the facts of life ' from a Buddhist perspective

Posted: 9 July 2015

cold mountain

Who is Cold Mountain?

Three Dharma night talks by Ratnavyuha on the Poetry and Teachings of a Buddhist mountain hermit

Posted: 6 June 2015

Einstein's Brain from BBC News

How much of Us is our Brain?

The strange afterlife of Einstein's brain from BBC News

Posted: 21 April 2015

varaprabha-logo from BConline

Compassion in Action

an online community space about metta

Posted: 11 April 2015

the Buddhist Centre online logo

The Buddhist Centre online

Triratna's virtual Buddhist Centre

Posted: 21 March 2015