Under 35s summer retreat

Pure being, no longer in time

Friends sitting on a hilltop with Buddhist prayer flags behind them

Our annual summer retreat for people under 35 years old is taking place at the end of February, 2021.

Going on retreat is the best way to get a real sense of the potential of your own mind and the effect of Buddhist practice. So let's head to the wild hills of Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre near Thames, Coromandel, and practise together.

The theme? Direct experience - best experienced(!) but captured poetically in the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn:

Have you ever had the experience of stopping so completely,
of being in your body so completely,
of being in your life so completely,
that what you knew and what you didn’t know,
that what had been and what was yet to come,
and the way things are right now
no longer held even the slightest hint of discord?
It would be a moment of complete presence, beyond striving, beyond mere acceptance,
beyond the desire to escape or fix anything or plunge ahead,
a moment of pure being, no longer in time,
a moment of pure seeing, pure feeling,
a moment in which life simply is,
and that “isness” grabs you by all of your senses,
all your memories, by your very genes,
by your loves, and
welcomes you home.

The retreat starts with dinner at 6.30pm on Thursday, February 25 and finishes at midday on Monday, March 1.

It would be helpful if you came along to our Wednesday under 35s nights prior to the retreat. You'll also need to know our two foundation meditation practices (the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana).

All accommodation is shared.

Please contact us if you are under 18 and wish to attend.


Start: 25 February 2021 at 6:30pm
Finish: 01 March 2021 at 12:00pm


$370 (help support someone else!) / $330 (standard) / $280 (low)

Please talk to Suvarnadhi or send us an email if money is a barrier to attending. We'd like to reduce that barrier as much as we can!


Image of Sudarshanaloka

Tararu Valley, Thames

Led by

Portrait of Suvarnadhi

Suvarnadhi is currently on the team managing the Auckland Buddhist Centre and has been practicing within the Triratna Buddhist Community since 2008. …

Portrait of Vikasini

Vikasini came across the Dharma and the Triratna Buddhist community thanks to Navachitta in Wellington in 1996. Ordained in 2003, she has always…

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