Under 35s & Sangha night

Getting into a groove with meditation

Meditating kid in sunglasses

It can be challenging to set up and maintain a meditation practice.

Tonight is all about helping each other do exactly that.

We'll hear from a few of our younger sangha members (Emma, Pulasthi & Laszlo) about the challenges and successes they've had in establishing a practice, the benefits they've noticed, and what keeps them motivated. The idea being, of course, that it might help you!

This is in the lead-up to the Great May Meditation Challenge. The best way to establish a habit is just to do something repeatedly - in this case, meditate every day during the month of May.

The two Wednesday night teams (Sangha Night and Under 35s) have joined forces through until the end of May, to support each other in our meditation practice.


28 April 2021  7:00pm-9:15pm


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The Auckland Buddhist Centre

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Portrait of Suvarnadhi

Suvarnadhi became the new chairperson of the Auckland Buddhist Centre in May 2021. She has been part of the team working at the centre since…

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Olivia Devoy

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Sangha night team

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