Intro to meditation and Buddhism

What is the central insight of Buddhism?

Vairocana Buddha turning the wheel of the Dharma

Please have your vaccine passport ready to show us on arrival.

This class is the place for newcomers to the Auckland Buddhist Centre to learn meditation and the basics of Buddhism.

This class happens every Monday night at 7pm. Tonight, we start back for the New Year - and for the first time at the centre since August 2021.

TONIGHT: What is the central insight of Buddhism?
In what way was the Buddha's teaching unique? What insight did he have that differentiates what we now call Buddhism from other spiritual understandings? In the second half of the class, we'll focus on the mindfulness of breathing meditation practice.

These sessions are part of a rolling 10-week introductory programme. You can join on any Monday night. Classes are designed as much as possible to stand alone for this purpose. But committing to all 10 nights over time will give you the thorough foundation you need to establish your own meditation practice, and step confidently into other classes and retreats.


17 January 2022  7:00pm-9:15pm


$20 for your first class
$180 if you choose to commit to all 10 classes

No bookings required - just come along on the night. We have EFTPOS and cash facilities.
We strive to make Buddhism and meditation accessible to all. Please contact us if your current financial situation means the advertised cost is a barrier.

Please come 10 minutes early for a prompt start at 7pm.
Vaccine passports are required.


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The Auckland Buddhist Centre

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