Dispelling the cloud of suffering

"There's a big, black cloud hanging over the human race and it needs to be dispelled by the united efforts of us all." - Sangharakshita


A Queen's Birthday Order weekend at the Auckland Buddhist Centre, with international Order convenors Lokeshvara and Aryajaya. Open to members of the Triratna Buddhist Order only.

Join us as we enter into the myth of the Bodhisattva which sits at the heart of Triratna, through talks, meditation, discussion and ritual.

We will engage the tension between attending to our inner lives and expressing a deep solidarity with other living beings in our relations with the world; thereby approaching the non-duality of Wisdom and Compassion. This is Bodhicitta – symbolised by the wish-fulfilling jewel held to the heart of Avalokitesvara, the archetypal Bodhisattva of compassion.

Come to explore together how to participate in this myth, train in the Bodhisattva path, and unite in our efforts to alleviate the cloud of suffering.


1 June 2019  11:00am-5:30pm
2 June 2019  10:30am-5:30pm
3 June 2019  10:30am-1:00pm


$120 - contribution

Please don't let cost be a barrier - contact us and we can discuss options.


Image of The Auckland Buddhist Centre
The Auckland Buddhist Centre

381 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Led by

Portrait of Aryajaya

Aryajaya is one of Triratna’s international Order convenors. She lives at Adhisthana in the UK.

Portrait of Lokeshvara

I came to the Dharma in the middle of the 1990’s disillusioned with my work in conflict and human rights. Previous to this I had been part of…

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