5 January 2015

Abhaya visiting early 2016

an introduction


Although he has visited New Zealand before, many of you will not have met Abhaya. You can get a sense of the man through listening to a few talks he has given in the UK.

Sources of inspiration
talk given at a Men's National Order weeekend
November 2001

Cutting through the old
talk given at Padmaloka, 2003
this talk is on Manjughosa/Manjusri and the symbolism of his sword

If you like what you hear, please consider coming to Abhaya's public talk on Monday 1st Feb. The theme of this talk will be his reflections on the early days of the Triratna.

If you are an Order member or a mitra, think about coming on his Waitangi Day weekend retreat on the following weekend. The topic will be awakening to the beautiful. If you're not a mitra, its not too late to ask.