Who was that man?

Recollecting a series of encounters with Sangharakshita

Bhante Sangharakshita in the early days of the Triratna Buddhist Movement

A Dazzling (and Imaginary) Multi-Media Extravaganza

Recollecting a series of encounters with Sangharakshita between 1970 and 2018. In his own words: "I wasn't the ideal person to start a Buddhist movement".

Roll Up! Roll Up!!

Nagabodhi, who has served as president of the Auckland Buddhist Centre for 30 years, talks on his encounters with the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Movement, Sangharakshita, from the early days through until Sangharakshita's death in October 2018. The evening will finish with a puja (devotional ritual).

This is part of a series of events offered by Nagabodhi, who is stepping down as president, and Jnanadhara, our incoming president, over the course of this weekend in February.

All welcome.


7 February 2020  7:00pm-9:30pm


By koha / donation.

Caring for each other's health

Before attending, please read our current Covid Guidelines. This is part of how we practice together.


Image of The Auckland Buddhist Centre
The Auckland Buddhist Centre

381 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

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Portrait of Nagabodhi

I’ve been a member of the Triratna Order since 1974. Shortly after joining the Order I set up Windhorse Publications, our publishing wing and…