Sangha night

Putting the Buddha into Buddhism: stories from the Buddha's life

Buddha in field

Seeing the truth of how things are
with Malcom Dow

This is the story of Bahiya, a man who was determined to receive the Buddha’s teaching. He travelled far to meet him. Once met, he would not allow the Buddha to go about his business until he received the teaching he was so desperate to get. The teaching he got was worth the effort. It is one of Buddhism’s most profound and hard to grasp - the teaching of “no self.”

Tonight Malcom will unravel some of the mystery around the concept of emptiness as it relates to our concept of who we are. He will look at the process the Buddha outlined as to how to achieve it, and will shed some light on the answer to the question, ‘who are you?’

In this series of talks, we will explore stories around the life and the teachings of the Buddha. We will cover

  • what is known historically about the Buddha and his life
  • what are some of the key stories associated with the Buddha
  • how these stories carry messages for how to approach our life today
  • who it is we are going for refuge to and why
  • how we can use our imagination to connect with the Buddha over time and space

Wednesday nights are a place for people who have attended our foundation courses to come together and celebrate community as well as an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Buddha's teaching.

Each evening will include a meditation, a short teaching and a chance to reflect with others on the meaning of the teaching for our lives.

If you're unable to get to the centre in person, please email regarding remote access.


21 October 2020  7:00pm-9:15pm



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The Auckland Buddhist Centre

381 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Led by

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Malcolm Dow

Malcolm has been involved in the Triratna movement since around 2010, at both the Auckland and Wellington Buddhist Centres. He was a member of the…

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Sangha night team

A team of Triratna Order members and Mitras