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Metta Bhavana - the difficult person

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PLEASE NOTE: From today, Sangha Night will be at our new centre, 45B Normanby Rd, Mt Eden. Click the location link below for location and directions.

We continue our series on the Metta Bhavana (loving kindness practice) with the stage that provides further training on the way to the ultimate goal of sharing metta with all beings. This is the stage of the "difficult person", where we bring to mind someone whose behaviour or speech we find challenging, and with whom there is an element of emotional conflict.

Our usual response to conflict is either to avoid it, or to react with aggression. As Buddhists we should be seeking a more creative approach, one that allows us to act positively in the world, but with metta for those who oppose us. We need to transform that energy of fear or aggression into the energy for action while rising above our unskillful emotional reactions.

Come along and hear Dhiramuni's approach to this extremely important but by no means straight forward stage.

Wednesday nights are a place for people who have attended our foundation courses to come together and celebrate community, deepen their knowledge of Buddhism, and their understanding of how to practice it. They generally include a talk and discussion, a social cup of tea and meditation.


6 December 2023  7:00pm-9:00pm


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Before attending, please read our current Covid Guidelines. This is part of how we practice together.


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The Auckland Buddhist Centre

45b Normanby Rd, Mt Eden

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Portrait of Dhiramuni

Dhiramuni became involved with the Auckland Buddhist Centre several decades ago to learn Buddhist meditation. He quickly realised that in the Dharma…