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talk from Jnanadhara (our new centre President)

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We are pleased to have Jnanadhara taking over the Presidential responsibilities at the Auckland Buddhist Centre from Nagabodhi (who have been our President for more than 20 years now). We'll be handing the evening over to Jnanadhara and he'll be speaking on the following:

A Pilgrimage of Friendship: the Dharmalife is often spoken of as being a journey. It is also spoken of as being rooted in friendship. In this talk I will trace my journey from NZ to Europe and back again, and will introduce some friends I've made along the way. I’ll also talk about my pilgrimage to India and my imaginative encounters with Sangharakshita, his teachers and the Buddha.

Wondering what a President is within Triratna? here is an excerpt from What is a Tritatna Centre?

The system of Presidents is one of the unifying forces connecting local Centres with the wider Movement. A President has a principal responsibility for the ethical and spiritual values of a Centre, and the overall spiritual health of that Centre and its sangha. The President is an experienced Order member who has a good understanding of Bhante’s teaching and the approach of the Triratna Buddhist Community. The President’s responsibility is mainly that of a Kalyana Mitrata to those involved with the centre, and their role is an advisory one. So that the President keeps an independent position in relation to the Centre, he or she should not be directly involved in its activities and should be a regular but not constant visitor. He or she should not have any executive role, nor should he or she be the primary vision holder. A President should especially not be involved in executive decision making, to avoid a blurring of the lines between President, Chair, and even management of the Centre.

Dharma Night is suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of experience or exposure to Buddhism. If you like what you find we recommend that you sign up for one of our introductory Buddhist meditation courses. These courses provide a systematic introduction to Buddhist meditation practise.


10 February 2020  7:00pm-9:00pm



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Jnanadhara is originally from New Zealand and first encountered Buddhism through books while in his mid-teens. After finishing a diploma in music he…