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Dharma Monday

A special celebration to welcome new mitras to the Sangha

Three Jewels

Friendship is an important part of Buddhist practice. But how can friendship with like-minded people help lead to wisdom? There is a beautiful story from the Pali Canon where Ananda, the Buddha's attendant, makes the statement that spiritual friendship is half of the Buddhist life. The Buddha corrects him to say that it is not half of the spiritual life, it is the whole of the spiritual life. What exactly does this mean? Well, perhaps it is something that needs to be felt more than talked about.

This evening is an opportunity to welcome Wendy Moore, Chris Patterson, Pam Henry, Elizabeth U and Alicia Atkins into the Auckland Buddhist Centre mitra sangha - a circle of warm and robust friendship.

Dharma night is suitable for those who would like to learn more about Buddhism. It is also a popular night for regular friends to drop in and practice together. If you are a beginner but can't get to/or have just started one of our meditation classes, you are still welcome to come and join in.

The usual program for the evening is a talk on some aspect of Buddhism, tea break, then group meditation to end the evening.

Dharma talks at the Auckland Buddhist Centre
A collection of talks given by the Sangha available for download


10 December 2018  7:00pm-9:15pm




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The Auckland Buddhist Centre

381 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

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