Buddha Day puja and celebration

Celebrating the Buddha's awakening

Buddha with lotus flowers

The annual Wesak, or Buddha Day festival, actually falls on May 26 this year, but we're celebrating it on our closest Friday full moon puja night, the 28th.

Join us for a shared meal of dhal and rice from 5.30pm.

Then Wendy, Matthew and Muditanandi will each share a short reflection on their personal connection to the historical Buddha or the Buddha jewel (the human potential for enlightenment). A special puja or devotional ritual will follow.


28 May 2021  5:30pm-8:00pm


By koha / donation

Caring for each other's health

Before attending, please read our current Covid Guidelines. This is part of how we practice together.


Image of The Auckland Buddhist Centre
The Auckland Buddhist Centre

381 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

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Portrait of Vasudhara

Vasudhara has been involved with the Triratna Buddhist community since 1999 and was ordained in 2014. She leads some of our Friday night pujas and is…