10 August 2022

Spring retreats

In Auckland and the Coromandel

Cherry blossoms against a blue sky

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The days are getting a little longer and the cherry blossoms are out.

Make plans to head away on retreat with sangha this spring. Sharing in the simplicity of practice and community is a source of deep nourishment and inspiration.

The ever-popular women's sangha retreat in west Auckland focuses on the teaching of the four noble truths this time around (Sept 9-11).

And the newcomers retreat - Entering into Simplicity - at Sudarshanaloka in the Coromandel hills is open to everyone, whether you want to learn to meditate or are already familiar with our practices. A great introduction to meditation and being on retreat with the Triratna Buddhist Community (Sept 16-19).

For Order members and mitras, there's a longer retreat dedicated to the Brahma Viharas in early September. This annual retreat is an opportunity to deepen your practice of the whole mandala of positive emotion.

Bookings are essential for all.