16 November 2022

Living lightly with Arthavadin

Opportunities to connect on the land


After a long absence (thanks Covid!) Arthavadin - the president of Sudarshanaloka, Lotus Realm and Thames Buddhist Centre - is back with us from the UK. He’s just led a delightfully simple yet deep weekend on the art of stopping in the spiritual life at the ABC. And now we have a range of ways to meet up, practice and hang out together at Sudarshanaloka the week of 21-26 November.

You can come to one, a few or all of these activities, but please book separately on the events for each day. You'll need to book at least 24 hours in advance. Why not carpool with friends for a day?

Monday 21 November 10am – 4pm

Talk and practice day
Arthavadin will share four doorways to living a simpler and happier life in this ever-changing and sometimes painful world.

A day of discussion and practice. Lunch will be provided.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (22, 23, 24 November)

Living the Dharma in the mundane world
These are open days providing an opportunity to explore how to live the Dharma in the midst of our mundane and often busy lives. We’ll practice together and respond to what’s alive on the day.

Please arrive between 5 and 6pm the day before.

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(There may be hiking on these days, depending on what's alive and who is present, so come prepared if you're keen for a hike. And if you're not a hiker, we won't hike!)

Friday 25 November

Walking the land at Sudarshanaloka
This will be a strenuous day of hiking the peaks and valleys of the land of beautiful vision, framed by meditation in the morning and ritual in the evening. Arrive between 5pm and 6pm the night before (Thursday), settle in with dinner and get a good night’s rest before Friday’s workout. We’ll be packing up and heading home at 11am Saturday

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