2 October 2018

Buddhist perspectives: Triratna as a context of practice

A Dharma Monday talk - 7pm on 15 October with Guhyavajra


During this talk by visiting Order member Guhyavajra will be looking at why Triratna is an effective spiritual community in context of practising dharma.

Sangharakshita with his exposition of the dharma has done so in context of creating an integrated social, cultural and Buddhist spiritual community as a support and context for the practice of Buddha's dharma and teaching; that embraces a great diversity of people. This living community is psychologically and culturally integrated with western conditioning. It is also in constructive dialogue with the principles and teaching of a tradition that is pre global economy, pre industrial revolution, village agrarian Buddhism. Importantly in Triratna there is a ferment of discourse and dialogue between ourselves, the wider Buddhist world and Western culture that is a valid voice in the integration of Dharma to the West.

Dharma night is suitable for those who would like to learn more about Buddhism. It is also a popular night for regular friends to drop in and practice together. If you are a beginner but can't get to/or have just started one of our meditation classes, you are still welcome to come and join in.

The usual program for the evening is a talk on some aspect of Buddhism, tea break, then group meditation to end the evening.