22 November 2023

All classes at the Mt Eden centre from 1 December

Getting underway in our new home

Gathering of women training for ordination at the new centre

All classes will move from the Ponsonby Community Centre to our new home at 45B Normanby Road, Mt Eden from December onwards.

It's time to start familiarising ourselves with our new home. The set-up will be very...organic for a while. We are underway with plans to transform the space in the coming months and years, but for now it's amazing to simply have a dedicated place to come together and practice again.

Order chapters, the Tuesday and Thursday morning study groups, and women training for ordination have been warming up the space for us over the last couple of weeks. Sthiraratna has re-established the centre office (gie us a little time to clear the remaining pile of boxes!) and the plumber is booked to install a new hot water zip to ensure the tea flows with ease.

Pictured on this page are the women's mala chapter and Auckland women training for ordination with the mandala they created together at the new centre on Sunday, 19 November. The day began on nearby Maungawhau / Mt Eden with a walk through the beautiful Tahaki Reserve down to the centre itself. The mandala created was an exploration of everyone's associations with the different areas of Auckland in relation to the new centre. From there, the women welcomed in the five archetypal Buddhas, each associated with the different directions.