22 November 2023

Progress with building plans

Working with Stevens Lawson architects

The council, design team and architects meeting in the open warehouse area of the new centre

Nicholas and James from Stevens Lawson architects came in to present the plans for our new Mt Eden centre to the ABC council and the design team this week (pictured from left to right: Sujiva, Suvarnadhi, Nicholas, James, Vajrajyoti, Akampiya, Cittamuni, Emma, Toni and Vasudhara...with Ratnavyuha behind the camera).

We were all delighted with the future vision they've created for us! The next step is engaging structural and mechanical consultants, and getting the plans costed up. From there, we can decide what work we can undertake now, and what goes into a plan for future development.

In reality, we see the development of the new centre being a staged process over some time. The initial priority is creating a proper entry and shrine room space in the open warehouse area.

We'll be sharing these plans more widely at our AGM on November 25, and hope to get some enlarged pictures up on the walls of the new centre soon to provide us ongoing inspiration.

A big thank you to Emma Mayhead and Toni Chase, who have helped lead the design process, and of course the team at Stevens Lawson architects.