25 September 2018

A science of devotion

Dharma Monday talk at the ABC - 7pm 1 October


'Nowadays Buddhism as more often to pray for protection from its friends than from its enemies.' A Survey of Buddhism, chapter 1, page 37.

Urgyen Sangharakshita wrote this prophetic statement in 1957. It has even greater relevance in today’s spiritual marketplace. For an increasing number of practitioners, Buddhism is seen as just a science of the mind. Their gurus eschew the offering of incense for the interpretation of MRIs.

How we see the Dharma says more about us than it does about the Dharma itself. This talk will explore a significant issue - do we shape the Dharma to suit us or do we allow it to shape us?

But Science is not the enemy, perhaps it is even possible to have a science of devotion where a rational approach melds easily with the spiritual. This talk by visiting Sydney Order member Bodhidasa will explore that very possibility.

Dharma night is suitable for those who would like to learn more about Buddhism. It is also a popular night for regular friends to drop in and practice together. If you are a beginner but can't get to/or have just started one of our meditation classes, you are still welcome to come and join in.

The usual program for the evening is a talk on some aspect of Buddhism, tea break, then group meditation to end the evening.