Portrait of Bodhidasa

Bodhidasa was ordained in 2014 by Ratnavuyha on the four-month Guhyaloka course. His name means ‘He Who is the Servant of Enlightenment’. A teacher by profession, Bodhidasa has been recognised internationally for his work in developing student agency, imagination and positive emotions. He has twice been nominated for the Australian National Excellence in Teaching Award and now serves as the Head of Department, Stage 3 Teacher and Chaplain of Australia’s only Buddhist High School and Primary School. Bodhidasa published his first book of poetry in 2015 and is preparing a guide for teachers of anything called Teach like a Buddha for publication in 2021. When he’s not teaching Dharma to young people, he designs and leads courses such as ‘Unlocking the Metta Code’, ‘Breaking the Chains - Buddhist rituals to set you free’ and ‘Exploring Buddhist Maps of our Inner Worlds’ for the Sydney Buddhist Centre. Despite this, he’d rather be reading dharma songs, chanting, prostrating and making offerings.