Saturday Morning Meditation online

9am and 10am online


Due to Covid-19 level 3 lockdown, this Saturday we'll host both the 9am and 10am meditations online via Zoom.

To join, simply use this link at either 9am or 10am on the day

If you prefer to enter your own meeting ID in the Zoom app, it's 817 912 5195.

Providing an opportunity for experienced meditators to practice with others during both sessions. People starting to explore meditation are welcome to attend the second session where they will get the support of an experienced meditation teacher in a group context. Please arrive 5 minutes early since we try to start on time:

9am - no guidance provided

10am - suitable for those starting to explore a meditation practice

If you are attending the 10am session and are unfamiliar with how to meditate, please let the person leading the meditation know so they can provide more guidance than usual. For first visits it is also recommended that people sit in a chair for comfort, although meditation cushions and benches are provided for use and you are welcome to try them.

These popular drop-in sessions usually rotate from week to week between two meditation practices: mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana. The individual meditation sessions are about forty minutes long.


15 August 2020  9:00am-9:50am
15 August 2020  10:00am-10:50am



Image of The Auckland Buddhist Centre - online
The Auckland Buddhist Centre - online

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