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Separated in space, connected in heart-mind.

There is a News page with some basic tips for getting the most out of online meetings.

Our online gatherings will use Zoom. Here are some instructions from Zoom on how to join an online meeting. This tutorial is useful because different devices (like desktop computers, phones and tablets) may work slightly different from one another. For some of us the buttons may be on the bottom of the screen, and for others the buttons are on the top. But, rest assured, you'll get the hang of it really quickly.

Some of us never read manuals anyway. And if you are one of these people, please feel free to just jump on the horse and ride.

Click on the online event you are interested in.

You'll find that each of these events has a Zoom link to click on. When the time comes for the start of that event, or perhaps 5 minutes before, simply click on the event link and follow the directions. We'll see you there. If you click on the event early, either no one will be there to meet you or you might stumble into a meditation already in progress. If you want to experiment with joining a Zoom meeting in advance, perhaps read the Zoom instructions mentioned earlier. There are ways for you to test things out so you don't accidentally disturb a running session in our virtual shrine room.

One request: please arrive on time since we'll be closing these online events to new entries after the meeting has started.