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TONIGHT: The First Precept - Loving Kindness

I undertake to abstain from taking life. / With deeds of loving kindness, I purify my body.

This first precept explores the concept of harm in its most general sense. While often associated with non killing and vegetarianism, its reach is far further, and includes all the ways in which we harm ourselves and others. Following this precept, we notice what harm we do to ourselves when we allow negative, judgmental and fault finding thoughts to crowd our minds, and how this harms ourselves and others.

Tonight Suvarnadhi will explore the pitfalls and opportunities inherent in bringing this precept into practice..

Wednesday nights are a place for people who have attended our foundation courses to come together and celebrate community as well as an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Buddha's teaching, and their understanding of how to practice it.


13 July 2022  7:00pm-8:00pm



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The Auckland Buddhist Centre - online

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Sangha night team

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