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Online BAM - Buddhist Action Month - The Perfection of Generosity


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A finger is sometimes pointed at Buddhism accusing its practitioners of sitting on their cushions, wishing everything to be well and happy but not actually doing anything practical to achieve it. Yet in Buddhism the Bodhisattva ideal exists, where Buddhists dedicate their lives to the alleviation of suffering of all, and tirelessly dedicate themselves to this task.

In this spirit Buddhist Action Month (BAM) was born. Buddhists commit to taking action in areas of concern, usually around the degradation of the environment or issues around poverty and other social concerns.

Most of us have intentions to act with care for the environment and a desire to help those less fortunate. However, many things seem to get int the way of translating this intention into action. For some, feelings of scarcity and lack shrink their perception of the resources they have available to offer. Others are overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness or dissuaded by feelings of hypocrisy from giving their resources to a cause.

This is where the “Perfection of Generosity” - one of the practices of the Bodhisattva, serves us well. Generosity is an act of love, and out of love comes the spaciousness, energy and resources to act. Generosity connects us and imbues our lives with wellbeing and meaning. Generosity provides the resources to act in any situation, so that we take action not only in Buddhist action month, but we live Buddhist action lives.

Over the month of June, we will cover the following themes:

  • evoking Ratnasambhava and the spirit of generosity
  • giving money
  • giving time
  • giving to the care of the environment
  • how generosity makes us happier, creates more meaningful lives and the science that supports this idea

1 June - Amaradipa - an evocation of Ratnasambhava

At our best we're grateful for that which we've been given, and delight in giving to others. In those moments we taste the freedom of the Awakened Mind. So why is it so hard to do?

Amaradipa will guide us through an invocation of Ratnasambhava, the jewel-born Buddha of beauty, abundance and generosity, and so contact those qualities in ourselves. One hand holds the jewel of Awakening, and the other is outstretched in a gesture of giving - he represents our highest ideals and the most fundamental human virtue, and shows us a path between them.

If you want to find out more about Buddhism, what it has to offer the modern world, what it has to offer you, and how to bring these Buddhist teachings into your practical daily life ... then please join us for these Monday night sessions.

Dharma Night is suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of experience or exposure to Buddhism.


1 June 2020  7:00pm-8:15pm



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