Our meditation practices

What we teach and the benefits of the practices

Group of meditators

We teach two general types of meditation practice for beginners:

  • Practices that calm and clarify the mind. They relax physical tensions and release psychological blocks, leaving us in a concentrated, deeply contented state. The turbulent waters of our mind become still, conflicting energies become unified, and we are left with a feeling of peace, and even bliss.
  • Practices that cultivate emotional positivity. These techniques work directly with our intentions, values, and emotions. They provide us with a window into our motivations and commitments, create the opportunity to see things differently, and allow us to more effectively change the direction of our lives in ways that create a richer and more meaningful experience.

As proficiency in these meditation practices is established, it is possible to use this calm, clear, emotional positivity to see more deeply into the true nature of reality, giving rise to true wisdom and ultimately transforming and liberating the mind.


Meditation is an art that repays patient, persistent and regular practice. Over time, the positive states experienced on the cushion spill over into the rest of life providing a wide range of benefits, some of which include:

  • Increased calm, peace of mind and friendliness
  • Improved physical health, a reduction in stress and more restful sleep
  • Greater self-understanding and compassion
  • Richer and more meaningful experiences
  • Less penny-in-the-slot reactions, and more true choice

The benefits increase with time and practice, and ultimately offer a means of self-transformation, opening the mind and freeing the heart.

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