2 September 2015

Training the Mind in Compassion

Five Dharma Night talks by Triratna Order members and Mitras

Buddha in pond

Over the next few weeks on Dharma Night we will have talks from various Order members and Mitras on the Tibetan Seven Point Mind Training (Lojong). This follows on from our recent series on the Four Mind Turning Reflections and will explore different aspects of this practice and how it enables us to develop and deepen wisdom and compassion in our everyday lives.

Atisha, an Indian Buddhist teacher, orginally brought the Lojong trainings to Tibet and they were eventually formed into a set of 59 slogans or sayings by Geshe Chekhawa in the 12th century. The aim of the practice is to refine and purify our attitudes and they can be used as antidotes to the habits that cause us to suffer.

Ratnavyuha began the series on 31 August with an overview. Justine Farrington and Natalie Grace will follow on with their personal perspectives on some of the slogans and Akampiya and Ratnavyuha will round the series off with their understanding of these trainings.

Recorded Talks:

31 August: Training the Mind in Compassion - Ratnavyuha
Introductory overview of the series

14 September:Turning towards difficulties on the path of Transformation
Natalie Grace shares some of her thoughts, experiences and inspirations on turning towards the difficult, having faith in a refuge and accepting confusion as part of the path of transformation - with gratitude for other beings along the way...