5 October 2021

Sudarshanaloka retreats

For those in alert level 2

House at Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre

This content is now out of date

Can we have group retreats?

Well, we can gather at Sudarshanaloka as friends and whaanau, provided we're coming from our homes in a level 2 (or lower) region. This allows for Order members and mitras who know each other to retreat together. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow for open retreats.

Can I go on retreat with friends and whaanau?

Yes, if you're an Order member or mitra currently living in a level 2 (or lower) region.
No, if you currently live in the Auckland region, or any area in level 3 or higher, or are not a mitra or Order member.

What will the rules be?

  • no sharing of bedrooms, unless you're from the same household bubble
  • please don't come if you have cold or flu-like symptoms prior to the start of the retreat
  • you agree to be taken to Thames for a Covid test if you develop symptoms while on retreat, and you agree to wear a mask until you receive a negative test result
  • you must register on arrival (QR code or manual sign-in sheet)

For a friends and whaanau gathering at level 2, mask wearing and physical distancing are not required. We won't require this of anyone, and if you choose to come, you need to know this is the situation. You may choose to wear a mask yourself, of course.

How many people can gather?

We can accommodate 11 people at any one time under these conditions.

How long will this go on?

The rules and conditions of Covid alert levels are a moving feast! The short answer is we don't know. We are reviewing what's possible as conditions change. Our sincere wish is for those who want to go on retreat to be able to do so - and for all of us to stay well.