17 November 2017

Public Ordination of Geoff Walker

at the Auckland Buddhist Centre

Geoff Nov 2017

We are delighted to let you know that Geoff Walker has been accepted for ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order and his public ordination ceremony will take place at the Auckland Buddhist Centre, at 2pm on Saturday 16th December.

The Triratna Buddhist Order is a spiritual community of people who have pledged themselves to following the Buddhist path to Enlightenment. Joining the Order means making a commitment to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha as the central point of their lives. They have chosen to make the Triratna Buddhist Order the context in which they are trying to live ever more deeply imbued by Wisdom and Compassion.

All Sangha and friends who know Geoff are welcome to witness this momentous occasion. Please arrive well before 2pm for a prompt start. The ceremony itself will be a bit over an hour and you are welcome to join us for tea and cake afterwards.