27 March 2024

Parking at the centre

Where to park

Cars parked in a paved lot

Please be mindful that the centre has six allocated parks in the area outside the building. These are marked Auckland Buddhist Centre. Four are right outside the door. Two are opposite.

Outside business hours

Outside of business hours, Blue Fitness next door to us has generously allowed us to use their parks. These are clearly marked, and there are 12 spaces. Please do not use them during standard business hours.

Use of other parks in the complex

We have six allocated carparks. Parking in other businesses' parks is taking the not-given, and has already fostered some ill-will. They and their customers need parking too. Some businesses in the complex, particularly Rebel Fleet, DCM / Archery and Simon James operate outside business hours too.

Street parking

There is street parking in the area for $1 per hour during business hours and free at other times (when most of our classes happen). Some street and council parks nearby are free at all times, albeit with time limits ranging from 90 to 240 minutes.

Auckland is a growing city and parking is often more challenging wherever we go. Allow yourself some extra time to park and walk (you might need 10 minutes to walk, for example). We all have different circumstances, but for many of us, there are other ways to get here that are viable and often more enjoyable than driving and parking.


Allow a little extra time for parking and walking on Sundays, given the large church up the road is likely to be busy.

Car pooling

Coming for a longer event at the centre, like a mitra ceremony or Order day? Consider car pooling with those near to you. It'll ease parking woes and be a little easier on the environment and your wallet.

Public transport

The Uptown area where the centre is located is very well serviced by buses and trains from many areas of the city. While Mt Eden train station is currently closed for upgrades, Grafton station is just a 10 minute walk away. You may be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get here, without the challenge of navigating traffic and finding a park. (And of course, for some of us, public transport won't be an easy option.)

Bikes and scooters

For those cycling, we are actively looking at bike park solutions. In the meantime, you can use the small room just inside the front door to park your bike. You can use this for standing scooters too (excluding hire scooters eg. Lime).