13 March 2024

Online library catalogue and check-out system

We've joined the modern world

A screen shot of the new online ABC library catalogue

A big thank you to Buddhanusarin, who has worked with great enthusiasm to create

Anyone can browse the catalogue here.

Existing members

Check your email for a message sent from Buddhanusarin on 12 March 2024, with all the details of how to access the catalogue, set up the app and check books out.

Is tech a roadblock?

We know that moving things online is not welcome news to everyone. Fear not - Buddhanusarin and Sthiraratna have ways and means of checking books out for you if you need help. Just talk to them.

Checking out and joining the library

To check books out, you need to be a member. Membership is available to mitras and Order members for a one-time joining fee of $45 (or you may choose to donate a book that Buddhanusarin would love to see added to the collection instead). Have a chat to Sthiraratna or Buddhanusarin if you want to join and don't or can't meet some of these criteria. And as always, please don't let money be a barrier. We hope you know by now that we need money to maintain and grow the centre, but we always want the Dharma to be accessible to everyone.

Check-outs are managed through the freely available Libib Kiosk app (get it through the Google Play Store or Apple Store). Buddhanusarin or Sthiraratna will need to work some magic for you when you first go in, and there's documentation and help available to members.