13 March 2024

New centre update for March

Lots of background work underway

Light shining from the night heavens onto a city building

We moved into the new centre in Mt Eden late in 2023, and the wonderful team at Stevens Lawson Architects came up some plans to help us beautify the space. Other than the addition of more and more rugs on the concrete floor, you might be wondering if any progress is being made! There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work happening.


It's likely, but not yet certain, we'll need to undertake a phased approach to renovations. We envisage the first phase being the creation of a shrine room and entry foyer. However, a lot needs to happen before we can pick up a hammer.

The details

  • the ABC council has given the green light to go ahead with all the work and documentation required before we can build (detailed building plans, and city council consent if required)
  • structural and fire consultants are doing site visits and feeding into the process (with mechanical, electrical and acoustic consultants soon to follow)
  • our architects, James and Nick, will be drawing up the detailed plans
  • friends in the sangha with substantial experience in construction and internal fit-out projects are giving us advice and support along the way (thank you, Steve and Jnanamudra)


We had some money left over from the purchase of the new building, but we always knew it wouldn't be enough for much in this day and age. We are incredibly grateful to have received a $75,000 donation towards the creation of a shrine room, entry foyer and air con system, which gave us the extra confidence needed to progress forward. A fundraising team is being formed (led by Vasudhara), and you'll hear more about our plans in the coming months.


As we need new signage - given the old signs were custom-fit for the old building - we thought now was a great time to make a change. Toni Chase, a GFR mitra and graphic designer, also stepped forward and offered to bring our branding up to date. It's been many years since we've looked at our logo.

Toni is doing this work for us on a voluntary basis and she needs to work to support herself too, so this process will take a little time. While we know our current lack of street signage is far from ideal, rest assured the internet, along with Google and Apple maps are doing a fine job of getting people to the front door at present.