24 October 2023

New centre update

It's glamping time at 45B Normanby Rd, Mt Eden

Inside 45B Normanby Road

What's happening with our newly purchased centre building?

The main points

  • We need some design and construction to create a good entryway and shrine area
  • We also need to insulate the ceiling and put in a good heating / cooling system
  • Nick, Gary and James from Stevens Lawson architects are helping us with this design work
  • Toni Chase & Emma Mayhead (GFR mitras) are helping with the creative and briefing process
  • Design, consent and construction will likely take a year
  • In the meantime, we're moving in with a view to having a really simple, lean set-up for a while - lots of things will stay in storage upstairs to make things easier when building work is happening
  • Small groups will be invited back in a couple of weeks (mid-November 2023)
  • We'll aim to get Intro Night, Saturday meditation and Sangha Night back in December or January
  • We'll all need to practice stillness, simplicity, contentment, patience, creativity and joy...and work together to create an atmosphere of practice in the space
  • We'll make it beautiful together over the next year (and probably longer for a few nice-to-have items)

Skip the text and watch the video

Suvarnadhi talks us through what's happening

A big shout-out to Emma Mayhead, who has helped unpack, sort, set up and store things at 45B. And many thanks to all those who helped with a spontaneous cleaning bee before we moved things in,