24 January 2023

New books from Windhorse

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Cyberloka book by Prajnaketu

There are some very special books coming out from Windhorse Publishing, including Nagabodhi's reflections on Sangharakshita and a new Buddhist guide to digital life. Details of all new books below.

If you'd like to buy a copy of any or all of these, email us by February 7 and we'll place a combined order with Windhorse Australia. No extra cost to you, but beneficial to the authors, publishers and the centre.

Sangharakshita: The Boy, the Monk, the Man.
A monk, a man, a writer, and poet; founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community – a pioneering worldwide Buddhist movement. An audacious reformer, and for some a deeply controversial figure. In an absorbing narrative, Nagabodhi takes us on a journey through the twists and turns of Sangharakshita’s life; the experiences, insights, and reflections that nurtured his approach as a teacher; and the legacy he left behind.

Meeting the Buddhas by Vessantara
Back in a single book and freshly updated, this modern classic gives a vivid and accessible introduction to all the main meditation figures in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Cyberloka: A Buddhist Guide to the Digital Life by Prajnaketu
Prajnaketu takes us into the world of the cyberloka – the online realm in which so much of our lives now take place. In this short, punchy and often funny book, Prajnaketu offers deep Buddhist insights that help us manage and flourish in the digital age.

Going beyond questions of digital diet, he shows how our perception is shaped by being online, and how we can work with awareness and mindfulness as we negotiate hyperavailability, superstimulation and what and how to broadcast on social media. He also starts a long overdue conversation between Buddhist ethics and the world of pornography.

The Sound of One Hand by Satyadasa (and edited by our very own Dhiramuni)
Our first order of this rare memoir from a Gen-X Triratna Buddhist sold out quickly!

For Satyadasa the Buddhist path has been fulfilling and often joyous, but also full of doubts and obstacles. What does it mean to be a Buddhist in the West in the twenty-first century? And is being born with one hand a curse – or a blessing?

Promise of the Sacred World by Nagapriya
Nagapriya brings alive for a contemporary audience the ‘Other Power’ teaching of Shinran, the thirteenth-century founder of Jōdo Shinshū, the most widely practised branch of Buddhism in Japan.