28 September 2021

Karunajoti's leaving!

An invitation to express our gratitude


You may have heard that Karunajoti has been contemplating a move to Sudarshanaloka to be the Retreat Host. Well, sadly for us, she's definitely going. In fact, she's leaving Auckland possibly as soon as this Friday (all depending on rules around movement out of Auckland).

The ABC Council has been thinking about how to acknowledge Karunajoti's contribution to the centre over the last 10 years or so. As well as her sterling work as ABC Manager she's led numerous classes and retreats, initiated new projects, and has been a warm, friendly, welcoming presence to everyone who walks through the ABC door.

Karunajoti will be living and working in Amidha hut but it needs some very overdue maintenance as well as improvements. For example, amongst other things, it needs an effective solar power system and satellite internet so Karunajoti can work from there, as well as a new fridge and repairs to the roof, guttering and walls. Guhyavajra estimates this will all cost $13,000. He can do a lot of the work himself but will also need some skilled help.

Sudarshanaloka hasn't got enough cash reserves or reliable income to pay for this upgrade alone, so we're inviting contributions towards this as a parting gift from all of us. It's both more useful and more "Karunajoti" than a gold watch! We'd love for her to get off to a great start in her new role, which will be a continuation of her work for the sangha.

Please make a donation to Sudarshanaloka account 02-0400-0370318-01 (put "KJ" as the reference). It will be tax deductible (if you'd like a receipt, it would help to email admin@sudarshanaloka.nz so they can send you one).

And yes, we plan to have a leaving party once Covid alert levels allow. We're not letting her sneak out of town that easily!