1 March 2022

Invite to public ordination

Brian Moreton to be ordained in Thames

3 jewels

A message and invitation from Guhyasiddhi

It is my pleasure to inform you that we are planning for the man we currently know as Brian Moreton to have his Private Ordination on Sunday March 13th in Chetul at Sudarshanaloka and to have his Public Ordination at Buddhaloka on Sunday March 20th at 2pm. Our plans include Ratnavyuha conducting his Public Ordination (Purna to do this if circumstances change for Ratnavyuha) and me conducting his Private Ordination.

We intend providing 60 places for people to join us in Buddhaloka (in Thames) for the Public Ordination and request those of you who want to attend to please 'bring-a-plate' to share and celebrate after the Public Ordination around 3pm. The Buddhaloka team requests everyone attending to show their Vaccination Passport on arrival.

If you are wanting to join us please RSVP your intention to Nityadana at chaoziguy@xtra.co.nz by March 15th...thank you.
He will confirm your place. Please also let him know if your circumstances change and you are not able to attend as he may have people on a 'waiting list'.

For those of you who are not able to join us in person for the Public Ordination, you are most welcome to join us on Zoom using the link below: Your host will be Elizabeth.


(Meeting ID: 817 912 5195)

If you have any inquiries you are welcome to contact me before March 4th by email or mobile (details below). After the 4th please contact Nityadana by email (chaoziguy@xtra.co.nz).

NB: With Covid cases currently doubling daily we are uncertain how this will affect our plans for the Public Ordination and the invitation to join us in person at Buddhaloka on the 20th. So, we'll keep you updated. We may, if need be, meet somewhere outdoors for afternoon tea. Either way, we hope we will at least be able to meet via Zoom.

May goodwill prevail among us and may all gods & goddesses protect us in these ever changing times.

My heartfelt thank-you to everyone who is and will contribute to these ordinations taking place.

Please include Brian in your metta over the coming weeks, particularly on the 13th and 20th.

Aroha nui
+64 21 297 0372