13 December 2023

Holiday period dates

When do regular events finish in 2023 and restart in 2024?

Pohutukawas flowering

While we have a building now, the people who lead events need some down-time, and there are also a number of retreats happening over December and January (including two significant Order retreats).

So there will need to be a break for most events, and it looks like this:

Intro nights on Mondays
Last night is December 18th, restarting January 22nd

Tuesday meditation and Dharma study
Has concluded for the year and the official public restart is on February 13th

Sangha night on Wednesdays
Last night is December 13th, restarting on January 24th

BRN on-line on Thursdays
Last night is December 21st, and an announcement will be made in the New Year about this event

Saturday morning meditation
Last sit December 16th, restarting January 13th

BRN on Sunday evenings
Last evening is December 17th, restarting January 28th