11 April 2015

Compassion in Action

an online community space about metta

varaprabha-logo from BConline

Compassion in Action is a space dedicated to discussion of ways in which Triratna Centres and sanghas may collectively make lasting changes in the way they operate, becoming lower-impact, more sustainable, kinder and ethically aware institutions.

Essentially, this space is about metta: the quality of unconditional loving-kindness, a key value in our Triratna community as it is in all Buddhist traditions. The Triratna Buddhist Community aims to be a force for the good in the world, and all we do is dedicated to benefiting others. All of our retreats and events end, or begin, with the wish that what we do may alleviate the suffering of our world.

Interested? Click on the above link to read more and possibly join in the discussion.