27 March 2024

Changes to how we ask for financial support

Dana at the centre

Ratnasambhava Buddha with his hand in the mudra of generosity

From April, you'll notice signs at our regular events asking for suggested donations.

Suggested donations are:

  • $10 for Saturday morning meditation
  • $15 for Sangha night


We're typically shy and uncomfortable about asking for money - and you might think that means we don't need it, but we do.

50% of our annual income in a typical year comes from regular modest contributions from people - that $5 after meditation, $20 on Sangha Night, or the $60 via internet banking as a monthly standing contribution, are examples of this.

This income is falling, although numbers at the centre are steady or in some cases higher. We know these are tight financial times. The centre is also impacted by inflation and so we've decided to be more explicit about our financial needs and the form that would ideally take.

Suggested, not required

These are suggested amounts.

Our mantra at the centre is you are always welcome, regardless of your financial situation.

If you can give more and feel moved to do so, please do! This helps so many others benefit from the gifts of Dharma and meditation.

If it's too much for you, please just come along. Give what you can, when you can, and however you can.

I already give via a standing donation

Your regular, ongoing financial support means a lot to us, and we know that you already give.

Ideally for the centre, you'd be giving $60 or more per month. But simply give what you can - it all helps and we know everyone's situation is different. If you're giving regularly in this way, our new suggested donation amounts for events don't mean we expect you to give more on top of that. You are always free to choose to give more at events or not.

What is a standing donation?

This is where you give a fixed amount via internet banking each week or month to the centre. You can set this up as a regular payment from your own bank account via online banking services.

These contributions help us even more, as it enables us to budget and plan with more confidence.

We send out year-end tax receipts for these, and you can claim a third back on your tax return too.

How do I set up a standing donation?

The details you need to set up a standing donation are over on our donate page.

A video message from our chair on financial support and dana

Watch a video message from our chair, Suvarnadhi, explaining the changes at the centre here.