18 February 2015

Celebrating the Three Jewels

An invitation to join us for some Buddhist celebration days in 2015

three jewels

We'd like to invite you to put the following celebration days into your diary or phone.

Triratna Day: Saturday 11 April

Buddha Day: Saturday 2 May

Dharma Day: Saturday 4 July

Sangha Day: Sunday 22 November

These days are an opportunity to come together with the wider Auckland Buddhist Centre sangha to practice together. They usually start with meditation, sometimes include a talk or other activity, frequently have a puja, and usually include the ancient practice of sharing food.

There will always be part of these days that is family friendly! If you'd like to be more involved with planning the program or helping to organize one of these days, please contact either Bhadrakari or Steve Kurmann. Thanks.

The Buddha advised us to gather frequently and in large numbers, perhaps having these celebration days in our diaries can be the start of something like that?