28 August 2023

Book news for Spring

If you have been missing the ABC bookshop and library, here's some news that might help.

New Books Aug 2023

A small shipment of books, including three very recent publications and two old favourites, has arrived in New Zealand from Windhorse Australia, and are available for purchase while stocks last (pick up from 14 Wright Rd, Pt Chevalier or add $5 for postage). Send an email to info@aucklandbuddhistcentre.org to reserve your copy.

Sangharakshita: the boy, the monk, the man - by Nagabodhi
Nagabodhi, a senior UK Order member and former president of the Auckland Buddhist Centre, has been in the Order since its very early days. He has observed the movement, and its founder, from very close quarters, including in India, over a period of over 50 years. Known personally by many New Zealanders in the movement for his extraordinary communication skills and good humour (amongst other things), Nagabodhi has written a reflection of Sangharakshita that gives one a real sense of the challenges he faced in creating the movement, the changing times through this occurred, the people he encountered, and the responses, often surprising, that Sangharakshita brought to them. $39.95

The sound of one hand - by Satyadasa
Eminently readable, this very open description of Satyadasa's connecting with the movement and asking for ordination, is a must-read for any mitra in, or considering, the GFR process, Order members who wish to reflect on their own journey, and indeed anyone who finds helpful a clearly written description of a spiritual struggle. $37.10

The promise of a sacred world - by Nagapriya
"Shinran's teachings are the perfect antidote to our striving, self-power culture. Nagapriya is a reliable and personable guide as we journey into Shinran's world, examining his philosophy and applying it to our everyday lives. This book will wake you up to a new way of life, where everything is assured, and where we can relax into knowing that we are accepted just as we are. Comforting, poetically written, and full of inspiration." Satya Robyn. $44.98

The Bodhicaryavatara - by Shantideva (OUP edition)
Written in India in the early eighth century, Shantideva's Bodhicaryavatara has become one of the most popular accounts of the Buddhist spiritual path. A Buddhist monk, poet, and scholar at the mahavihara of Nalanda, Shantideva was an adherent of the Mādhyamaka philosophy of Nāgārjuna. In the Bodhicaryavatara, he invokes the intense feelings of aspiration which underlie the Bodhisattva path, using language which has inspired Buddhists from his time to the present. $28.09

Living with kindness - by Sangharakshita
And from Sangharakshita himself, an essential text for any Triratna bookshelf, Living with kindness is a commentary on the Buddha's teaching of metta (kindness) from the Karaniya Metta Sutta. $31.47