6 April 2023

Book news

Just arrived - two new titles, one brand new edition, and others

Recently arrived books April 2023

We have just received a shipment from Windhorse that contains a number of titles now available in the ABC bookshop. They include:

Cyberloka - A Buddhist Guide to the Digital Life
by Prajnaketu
"Accepting that the digital landscape is an inescapable part of our lives in the twenty-first century, Prajnaketu offers a wide-ranging critique of how we can best navigate this new world."

Entertaining Cancer - the Buddhist way
By Devamitra
"Devamitra has written a compelling book about his cancer journey that straddles a wide range of emotions: gruelling, funny, poignant, uplifting"

Meeting the Buddhas - a guide to buddhas, bodhisattvas and tantric deities
by Vessantara
This is a brand new edition of the wonderful book originally written thirty years ago, now back in one volume. Inspirational reading and an outstanding reference guide. Recommended for any Triratna Buddhist bookshelf.

Uncontrived Mindfulness - ending suffering through attention, curiosity and wisdom
by Vajradevi
A recent online retreat on this subject by Vajradevi had such a positive response, we thought this very readable book worthy of re-stocking. "Vajradevi is a practitioner who shares her experience of practicing mindfulness simply and clearly"

Puja - The Triratna book of Buddhist devotional texts
At last, we have a supply of the latest hard-covered puja book.

We also have new stocks of Heart (Vessantara), This Being that Becomes (Dhivan), and The Triratna Story (Vajragupta)

Coming Soon
We hope it won't be to long (we'd like to say this month) until other orders arrive, including Nagabodhi's much awaited biography of Sangharakshita, Nagapriya's "The Promise of a Sacred World", and the wonderfully written memoir of finding Buddhism and asking for ordination, "The Sound of One Hand" by Satyadasa.