5 October 2017

Blue wall comes to life at the ABC

inspired mural by local creative Clint Taniguchi

mural at ABC by CLint

A while ago we invited local Artists to come forward with ideas to bring our big blank blue wall to life. Clint answered our call with great enthusiasm and generosity. He is a creative from Hawaii who has lived in Auckland for 6 years. Clint is passionate about integrating art into daily life through all kinds of projects. His diverse set of skills can be seen on his blog.

Clint says 'It was a pleasure collaborating with Karunajoti and Ratnavyuha to make this mural happen. Through our dialogue about the Auckland Buddhist Centre, where it is headed, and why the building is blue, I created this brainwave inspired pattern to bring some light, fun and energy to the Warnock Street side wall of the building.'

Titled 'Awareness is revolutionary' we hope this mural inspires even more people to be curious about what we have to offer at the ABC.