23 November 2022

Astrophotography exhibition

Marvellous photographs by our very own Sujiva

Sujiva astrophotography image

Sujiva (Rohit Vig) has been a Triratna Order Member for twenty years, and has been involved in the Auckland Buddhist Centre since 2011 when he returned to New Zealand. During the recent Covid lockdowns, he began photographing the night sky, starting out with a simple DSLR camera from his backyard in Auckland.

Since then he has learned about specialist technology and sophisticated astrophotography techniques to create some beautiful images - images that can make us think about our place in the universe. "It's been a steep and highly enjoyable learning curve."

There will be an exhibition of Sujiva's work at the Mt Albert Library, 84 St Lukes Rd (near St Lukes Mall) from Monday November 21 to Sunday December 4, 2022