Portrait of Akasasri

For much of her life the outdoors and living with nature, especially New Zealand’s beautiful mountains, forests, rivers and coasts, has been where Akasasri has found her spiritual resonance and learnt how to navigate through the ups and downs of her life. This was until 2009 when she attended an ‘Introduction to Meditation’ course at the ABC and life has not been the same since. As she had with her outdoor activities, she has fully immersed herself with energy and enthusiasm in many of the activities of the Centre by helping teach on introductory courses, attending retreats and study groups, and helping on the Dharma Monday night team.

She was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in June 2017 at Akshavana in Spain.

Now with the life of raising a family behind her the Dharma is her life, sprinkled with lots of doses of nature, especially out on the Auckland West Coast where she and her partner are living post family.